Wonders of Hanuman Chalisa

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2 min readFeb 24, 2022

Spirituality introduces a person to a different world. It can make him realize true worth of this life. One connects to Parabrahm in different ways; all leading to that one God.

Many of the times people undergoing tough phase are advised to pray to lord Hanumana to get over/bear their tough times. It is told that Lord Hanumana is one of the “Chirayu” of Kaliyuga

अश्वत्थामाबलिर्व्यासोहनुमांश्च विभीषण:कृपश्चपरशुरामश्च सप्तैतेचिरंजीविन:।

People take that literally and prays Lord Hanumana and try to appease him with Prasada, offerings and Hundi. However what one forgets is the true meaning of Praying Lord Hanumana is “Seva” (Serving people in the name of God; without expecting anything in return). That is what we learn from Shri Hanumana; he always serves The “Parabrahm”

Lord Hanumana is epitome of “Niswarth Seva” (selfless serving). Seva can be done anyway; but best is what one can afford and it benefits society in any way.

It could just be as simple as helping someone reach hospital in time or as big as (if one can afford); bearing the expenses of the Jeeva (who can not afford). Or funding education of girl child.

Jeeva Seva: one can help poor people, orphanages, old-age homes (areas neglected by state), animals by food, medicine or just by caring/volunteering (taking time out help them) to the cause.

Shram Seva: one can spend time to clean Temples, help priests in maintaining temple/gurudwaras/mosques activities wherever needed or take part in societal services.

While doing this one thing needs to be sure is to be pure, selfless and devoid of phala (fruit)

Pictographic Hanumana Chalisa

In addition to that one can also recite Hanuman Chalisa; every morning and night; having Lord Hanumana in Dhyana. Again it should come out of one’s heart.

Shri Krishna; in Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta says; doing karma (duty) keeping the Parabrahm in mind; while being devoid of its phala (fruit) can lead native on the path of Moksha. Shri Hanumana is prime example of same; as Hanumana himself did whatever to serve God Rama; without expecting anything in return.

One can make it a habit of waking up early and reciting Shri Hanumana Chalisa before starting one’s day; and once again before going to bed.

Once in practice; one would start realizing that one’s life is coming back on track; one step at a time.

I am living you with this good habit. God bless everyone.

Om Tat Sat