Story#3 Mahakaleshwara, 8th house and remedies

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4 min readMar 12, 2022

City of Avantika (known as Ujjayini or Ujjain now a days) was ruled by King Chandrasena; who was a pious devotee of Lord Shiva. One day, when king was offering prayer to Lord Shiva; a farmer’s boy named Shrikhar was walking on the grounds of the palace and heard the King’s praying to the Lord Shiva. He; himself in awe of Lord Shiva, rushed to the temple and start praying beside the King Chandrasena. However, the guards on noticing Shrikhar praying beside the King; removed him by force and sent him to the outskirts of the city near the river Kshipra.

Mahakaleswara Jyotirlingam

He then started praying toLord Shiva; on the banks of River Kshipra. On one fine day; while he was praying to Lord Shiva, he overheard rivals of the City of Avantika; King Ripudamana and King Singhaditya of neighboring kingdoms, planning attack on the pious and rich city of Avantika.

Little Shrikhar got frightened, rushed towards city and narrated this incident to a priest named Vridhi. The priest; alongwith Shrikhar and residents of Avantika, started to pray Lord Shiva, at the banks of River Kshipra; to save the city of Avantika and its residents. The Kings; with the help of Demon Dushan (blessed by Brahma to be invisible); chose to attack and were going to be successful in capturing and looting the city of Avantika

Mandir Parishar

Upon hearing the pleas of helpless devotees and residents of Avantika, Shiva appeared in his Mahakala Rupa (form) and destroyed the enemies of King Chandrasena. Lord Mahakala also killed the Demon Dushan and took bath in his Bhasma (ashes).

Bhasma Aarati of Lord Shiva

Then Devotees and residents of Avantika; pleaded to Lord Mahakala to reside and become chief deity in the city of Avantika to protect the devotees from evils. Since that day on, Lord Shiva resided in his Jyotirlinga form as Lord Mahakala in a Svayambhu Lingam. Shiva also blessed his devotees and declared that people who worshipped him in this form would be free from the fear of death and diseases. Also, they would be granted worldly treasures and be under the protection of the Lord Shiva himself. This Jyotirlingam is also one of the Tri-Lingam that is present on Bhuloka

आकाशे तारकं लिंगं पाताले हाटकेश्वरम्। भूलोके च महाकालो लिंड्गत्रय नमोस्तु ते॥

Kaalpurusha Kundali Eighth house is referred as ‘House of death’. Sign that falls here is ‘Scorpio’, (Kaalpurusha Kundali) sign of occult, death, hidden wealth, conjugal life and research. It is said to be ruled by Mars. Mars also rules Arise (fiery sign); however Scorpio is watery sign. But this is stagnant or un-pure water or water that can harm the body (i.e poison, alcohol).

In some astrological scriptures; 8th house is said to be co-ruled by Saturn and Mars. And this seems to be true as they both are Karaka for natural 8th house. Moon; though said to be debilitated in natural 8th house of Scorpio; yet stays without blemish (because of protection from Lord Shiva himself). So if native has Saturn or Mars or Moon posited in 8th house or they being lord of 8th house; they should visit Mahakaleshwara Temple in Ujjain or pray to Lord Mahakaleswara.

Native having issues with the Karaka of 8th house; issues in married life; conjugal relations; should visit Mahakaleswara Temple or Chant death defying Maha-mrituyanjaya Mantra.

Native having issues in marriage; having specific PAC (Placement/Conjunction/Aspect) in their natal chart; can also pray to Lord Mahakaleswara

City of Ujjain (also known as Ujjaiyaini or Avantika); is coincidentally also birth place of Mars/Mangala. A temple dedicated to Lord Mars (Mangala) is present in outskirt of City on riverbank of Kshipra; known as Mangalnath Dham. Beware there are lots of temple named MangalaNath Dham; but do choose one that is actually the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Mangala. Even in this temple Lord Mangala is worshipped in the form of Lingam. Here in; Mangalnath Dham; prayers can be performed for Kuja Dosha

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