Return of Rahu-Ketu (Node) and full charge

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3 min readMar 30, 2022

Studying Nodes in astrology are very interesting, they pose challenges to reader by confusing and acting in surprise. Predicting behavior of nodes has been tough if not impossible; sometime they act opposite. Even if everything in taken into account

Most astrologers around do give importance to transit of Saturn, but apart from that nobody talk about transit of Nodes (Rahu-Ketu). Transit of Rahu-Ketu can play havoc in seemingly good times or can prove to be blessing in bad phase for native.

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Apart from Saturn transit astrologers give importance to Dasha (specially Vimshhottari dasha’s); but only these consideration would not make prediction accurate. Astrologer needs to consider transit of other slow moving planet(s) as well. In addition to that, importance should be given returns of a planet to its natal position. As that would be the time planet is most able to fructify what it promises in the chart

In Bhrigu nadi paddati, Rahu transiting over natal Saturn will give tough times to native even when running dasha’s are good.

Since Nodes (Rahu-Ketu) takes 1.5 years (or 18 months) in a house so it takes 18 years to visit to natal house, at natal degree(s) and natal nakshatra padas. Node (Rahu-Ketu) return happens every 18 years of cycle so native when attains age of 18, 36 and 54; something major related to houses, signs and nakshatra occupied by nodes (Rahu-Ketu) in natal chart happens. What exactly can happen differs from individual chart to chart.

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But what can specifically said is that it will push native towards the goal these Nodes represent in natal chart. For example an axis of 10–4 (Rahu 10th and Ketu 4th) will push the native out of hometown at the age of 18. It can be done willingly or situation would be made as such that native has to step out. On next return (at the age of 36), it would further solidify its position, i.e make native change its profession that links to foreign or native will start getting income from foreign.

Another example, an axis of 6–12 (Rahu 6th and Ketu 12th), will push native to take loans to prosper, create competition to fight for. These situation would force native to inspect inside and become spiritual and then native come out as victorious.

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Nodes (Rahu-Ketu) creates such situation to force native to align with its destiny for this life. So whenever Nodes return they would build a zeal in native to go towards areas represented by houses occupied. Sign, nakshatras, padas and degrees also needs to be taken into consideration before reaching final conclusion.

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