Half return of Nodes (Rahu-Ketu) and pendulum

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Studying Nodes in astrology are very interesting, they pose challenges to reader by confusing and acting in surprise. Predicting behavior of nodes has been tough if not impossible; sometime they act opposite. Even if everything in taken into account

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One of the interesting behavior that is observed regarding nodes half-return; in clients charts; while in consultation and subsequent follow-up; is that when nodes does half-return, they do reverse what is expected out of them as per natal chart. One may question; why?

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One conclusion that I reached; after studying it on lots of charts; is tug of war between traits of north node and south node is reversed compared to their original position in natal chart; however short it is. And it leads to confused state of mind. Native goes into dilemma.

For example; if axis is 10–4 and in transit it becomes 4–10. That native influenced by it; would suddenly become homesick, wish to go to motherland; or it can create a situation that would force native to go to homeland.

In 6–12 axis; native mind will swirl between find spiritualism and materialism. Native would fall into dilemma on what to do what not to. One thing is sure is that native would swirl between traits represented by both with the tattvas of house they are occupying. And because of all this; if situations are aggrieved by other ongoing transition; it can become severe; leading to depression, frustration. One can compare it like pendulum.

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Other conclusion is that since both opposite forces are present in same house; due to transition. Tattvas of house can be both get aggrieved and depressed at the same time.

Again if we take example of axis 10–4, native has intentions to return to homeland but situations created are not favorable. Keep one thing in mind that all other current transition and natal chart positions of other planets needs to be factored-in.

To conclude; one can be sure that mental dilemma is promised for sure with situation in material world will becoming such that native would wish for same thing; while also hating to have it at the same time.

With this note, I will leave reader to apply this on chart and see by themselves and update the experience here.

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